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Our limousine fleet is also a differentiator. No other limousine company in Buffalo has newer sedans, stretches or limo buses. New vehicles make a big difference especially when planning a wedding, prom or corporate event in Buffalo, Erie County or Niagara County. 716 Limousine is fully licensed and insured to provide transportation service on either side of the international border.

Our chauffeur service, however, is what sets 716 Limousine apart from every other limousine service in Buffalo. Our chauffeurs are trained to exceed the expectations of the most demanding corporate executive or bride. 716’s people, experience and fleet make us your best choice for Chauffeured Services in Buffalo, NY.

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Choosing The Right Chauffeur Service

The best way to choose a limousine service in Buffalo, NY is to ask your friends and family if they can recommend a good company. There is no substitute for a recommendation from somebody you trust who has used limousine service recently. Another good way to choose a reputable limo service is to look for on-line reviews from people who have been customers. Look for reviews from Google or Yelp as they are trust worthy and credible. Google and Yelp reviews are superior to reviews that are featured on a web site as text because you really don't know the source of those testimonials.

As you assess a limousine service, be certain to ask a lot of questions before making a reservation. A big indicator of professionalism is the impression you receive when you call the limousine operator. Is your call greeted by voice mail or an answering service? If so this may indicate that the company is a part time enterprise. Reputable limousine service providers have reliable dispatch and customer service. If a knowledgeable human answers your call, it's a good indication that the company values customer service.

Important Questions To Ask Your Limo Service Provider

Another question you should ask when choosing a limousine service concerns the company’s fleet. While a web site may display beautiful images of new limousines and buses, you may be disappointed when an older vehicle arrives to pick you up. Ask the limo operator about the age of the vehicle he is quoting to you. Limousines and buses have sophisticated electrical and mechanical systems. Components such as suspension, the AV/sound system and air conditioning are more likely to malfunction during your trip aboard an older vehicle. Reputable limo companies in Buffalo maintain a newer fleet and replace aging vehicles because they are vested in providing great customer experiences. Remember that you have only one chance to have a perfect wedding day–an old or ill maintained limousine (e.g. no air conditioning) can ruin your day. In short, a newer fleet is a sign of a competent limousine service.

Even more important than machines are the people who operate them. Ask questions before you make a reservation regarding the operator of your vehicle. Is he or she a ‘driver’, or a ‘chauffeur’? Driver professionalism makes a big difference on your day of service. Chauffeurs will always arrive 15 minutes prior to the listed pick-up time. Chauffeurs will always be uniformed and properly licensed. A chauffeur will provide peace of mind about safety, especially for parents sending their children off to a prom. The bottom line is that limousine companies that invest in superior training and higher wages deliver better customer service, which is greatly dependent upon the chauffeur.

By asking the right questions you can make certain to have the best possible experience when using limo service in Buffalo, NY. Please call 716 Limousine at 716 216-5966 with any questions you may have about choosing limo service. Your call will always be answered by a caring, competent professional.