Affiliate Services

Affiliate Services

Why pay a Manhattan rate for a quick transfer in Buffalo? With 716 Limousine and Tours, you won’t have to! You’ll receive the same level of service at a fraction of the cost. We offer flat rate transfers from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport to several key locations as shown below. Our rates are based on your destination and are all inclusive, covering your base rate, gratuities, parking, tolls, and sales tax.

Transfer Price
Buffalo to Buffalo $81.40
Buffalo to Niagara Falls, CA $124.75
Buffalo to Niagara Falls, US $104.18
Buffalo to Rochester $236.19
Buffalo to Chautauqua $249.39
Buffalo to Erie $290.00
Buffalo to Niagara-on-the-Lake $160.75
Buffalo to Toronto YYZ $275.75

We never want our valued customers to be guessing on prices or to be surprised with fees. When you choose 716 Limousine and Tours, you’ll always know exactly what to expect. You’ll only pay pick-up to drop-off and are never charged garage to garage fees.

You’ll be seated in the lap of luxury, as we have a brand-new fleet with free wi-fi inside. Our chauffeurs are all seasoned drivers who excel in their service. We’re also protected by $5 million liability insurance, which leaves you covered under us.

Call us today to learn more!