COVID-19 Policy

Your Safety is the Top Priority of our Limo Service

With COVID-19 still being prevalent in our area, our customers safety and well-being is our top priority. We would like you to know that we continue to take the necessary precautions to keep our workers and customers safe during this trying time.

During this phase of COVID-19, all of our chauffeurs are required to wear a mask. Due to partitions installed in our vehicles, our guests are not required to wear a mask, as they are protected from the chauffeur in each vehicle.

If our guests prefer to wear a mask but do not have one, one will be supplied to them.

In addition, as a common practice all passenger areas will be sanitized after each use.

Our Chauffeur Service Makes Use of Real-Time Technology

Live vehicle dash cameras have been installed in all 716 Limousine vehicles. This technology works with real-time GPS tracking, sensor data, and provides reporting tools to monitor and manage each vehicle location. This is to ensure each Guests safety and increase drive efficiency. With the ability to view real-time data, our team is now able to log into their dashboard, locate each vehicle, and report the exact location and estimated arrival time.

Explore the Amenity Updates of our Luxury Limousines

Due to industry safety concerns, we are currently discontinuing amenities with high touch to mitigate the risk. This includes offering candy, snacks, magazines and newspapers.

All vehicles will continue to offer bottled water, sanitized wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves and a mask if needed.

Our Limo Service Abides by the Latest Vehicle Safety Regulations

We have installed dividers in our sedans and SUV’s, protecting our chauffeurs and guests from each other. In addition to our standard service, where each chauffeur wears gloves, opens doors (6 feet away) and handles luggage, we are now offering an extended “touchless” option detailed below.

Our “Touchless Option:”

The Chauffeur does not open the door or assist with luggage, the chauffeur will pop the trunk